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The Most Complete Training Solution in Africa

We organise and provide complete seminars and workshops geared towards Continued Professional Development of your staff training & Development needs. Our courses are aimed at ensuring that employees at various levels and at all types and sizes of organisations throughout the public and private sectors have the appropriate and necessary skills needed to be able to perform their various functions effectively and efficiently and to the maximum of their potential.

Our various courses are lead by recognised industry specialists who are seasoned professionals with the experience and relevant qualifications to ensure an impactful learning experience.

We utilise cutting edge software to provide a blend of education that leverages the benefits of mentorship from veterans in their field of expertise together with the flexibility of studying when it suits your schedule; optimising the effectiveness of your studies.

To ensure measureable return on investment by companies sending staff on training, we offer pre and post course assessment to gauge the effectiveness of the training provided.


We source, market, sell and provide high quality training workshops and seminars in the financial, technical and soft skills areas.

Our short duration, high quality and high intensity in-house or on-site training courses bring our training to the comfort of your organisation. This in-house option is especially popular for groups of people within the same organisation who want to attend training. We supply the expertise and the opportunity to customise the training course to the company’s specific needs and requirements and you provide the venue and eager employees.

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Would highly recommend people who are pursuing their careers within the forex space to attend this course.

Treasury Basics Workshop

I‘ve abstained a lot, especially regarding the Basel requirements changes and detailed information regarding how to calculate & what to consider when considering your Tier1 & Tier 2 Capital

Basel Event

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