About Us

Stratexec Training Solutions (STS) began providing training programs, seminars & workshops to the financial services and soft skills sectors in 2016. We are an established BEE Level 4 entity and our experienced team, due to the extent of experience, knowledge and contact base in the training industry, operates very efficiently together to provide the most complete training solutions in Africa!

STS is run by a staff of people who have been involved in the corporate training business for many years. Keeping in touch with the needs of our clients allows us to recommend and deliver short term training courses for immediate implementation into the workplace, as well as offering analysis services of training needs once our clients have done their internal questionnaires.

At Stratexec Training Solutions, our aim is to provide our clients with a high level of customer service and specialised, short duration, high quality and high intensity programs, seminars and workshops, providing delegates, from top-level executives to entry-level employees, access to local and internationally renowned speakers and experts in various fields, relevant to their occupations. This enables our delegates to remain current, and at the cutting edge of their professions and gives them the opportunity to move forward not only in their careers but also in their personal development and equips them with knowledge and skills.

We currently serve all of the major banking and financial services organisations, and many major corporate and governmental organisations and departments throughout Southern Africa.

Our Vision is to be the most admired Training Company in Southern Africa; a partner of choice and an employer of choice. To be a highly effective, lean, adaptable and fast-moving organization that is committed to learning, inspiring and empowering all delegates attending our courses.

  mandela    As in the words of the late great Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela: “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”  


lauer “The best part of learning is sharing what you know” – Vaughn K. Lauer

Our Mission is to empower people through the increase and diffusion of knowledge, by providing specialised and high quality programs, seminars and workshops, creating value and making a difference, as well as adding value to our clients businesses and ensuring that every person attending our events attains their higher purpose and full potential.

Our core value is mutual respect for our fellow employees, clients and suppliers, to understand and respect diversity and individual difference, with a vision to enable closer and more successful working partnerships.

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