Training Schedule

Future Skill For The

Financial Sector

Over the past few months we have consulted with various banks and other institutions with regards to their future needs in training/upskilling their staff and what will be needed in the financial sector.

With the fast pace of the changes in the Financial Sector not only in South Africa but across the world with cryptocurrencies and Big Data becoming more and more part of the product development of banks.

It is with great satisfaction and excitement to announce that we have collated the below list of training events that will benefit the financial sector by advancing their financial skills to a whole new level and in new and exciting directions.

The following events have been discussed and what will be covered in them:

·        Situational Analysis & Social Awareness

o   Social Intelligence

o   System Analysis skills

o   Social acknowledgement skills .etc

·        Critical & Entrepreneurial Thinking

o   Understanding when critical thinking is required

o   What is reflective thinking

o   How to apply entrepreneurial thinking to the financial sector

·        Generational competencies

o   Understanding differences between Generations

o   Skills to identify different generations

o   Dealing with people from different generations

·        Computational Thinking

o   What is computational thinking and when to use it

o   Breaking down intricate problems to source

o   Understanding how to find key information

o   Algorithm’s what are they and how to development them to solve problems

·        Fintech basics and advanced

o   Understanding what cryptocurrencies are and how they will affect the financial sector by 2020

o   Understanding Blockchains

o   What is AI and Robotics and how will they affect the financial sector

o   What is the future of cyber security

·        Obtaining and Optimising Knowledge

o   Finding relevant knowledge

o   Appling this knowledge

o   Mind Mapping

o   Analysing knowledge

·        Concept proofing

o   Finding complex situations and understanding them as idea’s

o   Converting ideas into products and solutions

·        Cognitive Load Management

o   Understanding what is important to take on as an issue

o   Mind Mapping

o   How to handle the negative side of cognitive load management

·        Future Tech & Self-Management

o   Understanding new technology and how to adapt to them

o   Understanding how to apply self-management in the work place

o   Self-development in personal traits that are essential to the work place


If you feel that any of the above topic’s will benefit you and your team, then send us a mail with the events you are interested in to

Or feel free to send us a message from our website on the events that would benefit you and your team by clicking HERE.